tesla superchargers installed

tesla v3 supercharger white hills arizona

the medium-term goal is to buy a Tesla Model X to serve as a convenient and eco-friendly way for residents of Camp Liberty to head into Las Vegas for supplies, dining, and/or entertainment

since our current solar power setup is a bit weak at the moment, it’d be nice to have a supercharger nearby

luckily, Tesla was listening, so they recently installed an array of Superchargers at the brand new Shell gas station here in White Hills! these are the newer V3 Superchargers, which offer charging speeds up to 250kW. the charging station also has its own small dog park, and there is a convenience store, a Subway restaurant, and nice clean restrooms inside

it may seem silly to celebrate the installation of a handful of EV chargers, but out here in the open desert, such novelties are actually quite a rarity, so we’ll happily clink our glasses!

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