Author: John Galt

  • part-time, seasonal occupancy begins

    part-time, seasonal occupancy begins

    welcome to Camp Liberty, the first incarnation of the Prestead! why is it called Camp Liberty, you ask? well, you see, today’s iteration of the Prestead is actually quite primitive: no home has yet been built; the amenities (if you can call them that!) are few, and many milestones are yet to come. when a…

  • one acre purchased

    one acre purchased

    one acre of land purchased in White Hills, Arizona, United States 50 miles (80km) from Las Vegas (as the crow flies) Las Vegas metro area population is 2.2M, which is greater than that of Silicon Valley and roughly the same as that of Austin, Texas 40 minute drive from Las Vegas metropolitan area 1 hour…

  • towing/utility vehicle purchased

    towing/utility vehicle purchased

    bought a beefy luxury SUV to serve as a capable towing/hauling rig and off-road beast for the prestead she tows 2 1/2 tons, hauls more than a 1/2 ton in the back, and can carry sheets of plywood atop her roof rack please submit ideas for a nickname for her until a permanent nickname is…

  • researching the purchase of land

    researching the purchase of land

    i’m spending some time drawing plans to build a home and i’m researching the purchase of land updates soon to come

  • hello world!

    hello world!

    just setting up my prestead